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Date: Sun May 28, 2017 07:05 am
Joe Strout
chrisran.bma e-mail
Joe Strout

We are after all three games. As well as 3-0 result, there seems plenty of
quotes like

"And despite defeat, Ke’s strategy suggested that the 19-year-old Chinese
prodigy has actually learned from AlphaGo’s often unorthodox approach. “This is
Master’s move,” said Redmond of one of Ke’s earliest plays"


"Top players, even Ke Jie himself, studied up on AlphaGo’s moves and added some
to their arsenal."



“Last year, I think the way AlphaGo played was pretty close to human beings, but
today I think he plays like the God of Go,” Ke said

Maybe we shouldn't take too much notice as he would be inclined to say that
after losing. Actions speak louder than words and that he was using some of
AlphaGo's innovative moves suggests he thinks AlphaGo was better than humans
were at the beginning of the year (time of the 60-0 short unofficial games). Had
Ke Jie managed to win using such moves, this would be a case of AlphaGo was best
in world but subsequently eclipsed and the claim would still be true.

As it is, the "Defeating the Human Champion in a match" option from claim Ches
seems clearly satisfied and due to Alphago retiring we are unlikely to get
further evidence so soon that it is worth waiting.



(crandles 7886)

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> So, if folks do want me to serve as judge, what's the next step? (I'm
> afraid I will need a bit of hand-holding with regard to the actual
> mechanics of the process.)
> For what it's worth, I would probably not judge this claim immediately,
> but instead wait until after the match against Ke Jie next month.


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