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Date: Wed Jan 08, 2020 09:08 am

chrisran.bma e-mail
Chris HibbertKen Kittlitz


The judges listed below may remember agreeing to judge the following Foresight Exchange claims:

Claim Judge

Cydnia 38, highlander

GayPrs 2118, Messiah
Pot15 97, Loophole
VbKT, Bemke

Nuke20 1130, amlyman

Cr28 2, Chris Hibbert

These claims have now passed their due dates (or at least their 'effective deadline') and should be considered for judgement.

If we don't hear from the relevant judge, we may need new judges.

In addition there are these old claims needing new judges:



GOV_WI trade so could just be deleted)

I have previously said "I have no holding in FARM but I have traded the claim." and "Feel free to make me judge of FARM
and/or GOV_WI if no-one better offers."

( GDNA has also passed its due date but may need careful consideration and possibly more information to emerge.)

Best Regards
(crandles 7886)


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