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fx-discuss: SLvl judge statement changed

Author: Jim Gillogly
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Date: Mon Feb 06, 2017 04:49 pm

Jim Gillogly

Because some of the US administration's web pages (e.g. Interior, incl.
National Park Service, EPA, Agriculture, White House) are getting purged of
some apparently controversial scientific subjects I thought out of an
excess of caution I'd capture the current state of government data on sea
level. The NASA page about sea level mentions global warming as part of the
reason for sea level increases, and climate change is apparently on the hit
list for the other departments. I've saved the FTP data table linked to .

I stuck a pin in the starting level for the statement. There's no guarantee
that commensurate data will be available when it comes due, but I may be
too senile to judge by then anyway, so someone else can work out the right
replacement if necessary.

Jim Gillogly


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