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RE: Revision of proposal: 'TWAC'

Author: Vicki Rosenzweig
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Date: Thu Aug 01, 1996 12:42 pm
Vicki Rosenzweig
Carlos Munoz

I'd like to suggest a slight rephrasing for clarity. (I don't think this
changes the meaning):

'Long: This claim will be judged "YES" if final reports say that
the crash of TWA Flight 800 was caused by a bomb exploding
on the plane. It will be judged "NO" if final reports say the
crash was caused by anything else.'

As I read the proposed wording (and my own suggested wording
reflects this interpretation), a bomb is a yes; a missile, mechanical
failure, meteor, or act of deity is a no; and no judgment can be given
until the appropriate agency has made a final statement. (Most of
the coverage of the crash has used "bomb" to mean "explosive
planted on the plane," as distinct from a missile.) It might be
worth making explicit that this claim can't be judged until the agency
involved (I think it's the National Transportation Safety Board) has
issued a final report on the crash. Alternately, if the intent is to judge
the claim NO if, after a given amount of time, the NTSB decides it
can't tell what caused the crash, that should be made explicit in the


The creator of claim 'TWAC' has made the following changes to its proposal.
If you have constructive suggestions, please follow-up to this message.
Thank you.

Results of editing claim 'TWAC':
'long' changed to:
TRUE = Final Reports says that a bomb on the plane blew up
'short' changed to: Bomb Blew Up TWA Flt 800


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