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 At 04:26 AM 2/27/2006 -0500, Trevor Cappallo wrote:

>I'm trying to install IF 0.5 on a red hat system, and running into
>problems.  I believe I followed the installation steps correctly, but
>when I try to go to my web site (I've tried with www and newui), I get
>an internal server error.  Poking around yielded error messages in my
>suexec log, complaining that it can't "stat" whatever script I'm
>trying to visit.

Hi Trevor,

My first guess would be that there's some mismatch in the directory
paths -- the files don't exist at the paths the webserver is trying
to access them at.  Please send me the following, and I'll be happy
to take a look:

a) The output of the 'pwd', 'ls -l' and 'ls -ld' commands, run from
the 'newui' directory.

b) The relevant parts of your httpd.conf file.

c) The relevant parts of your webserver's access_log and error_log.

Thanks -- you can send them to <>.


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