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Author: FX
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Date: Sun Dec 20, 2020 01:12 pm


The following claim has been proposed. If you have constructive suggestions for
improving it, please follow-up to this message. Thank you.

claim: GCR
owner: 5474 (RonDwyer)
judge: TBD
short: Goldbach Conjecture Resolved
The Goldbach Conjecture is "Every even number >3 is the sum of two
primes." The Conjecture will be settled, and the result accepted by
the mathematics community, before 12/31/2030. "Settled" means either
proven, refuted, or proven undecidable. The proof must have been
available for public inspection for one year. Corrections for any
major errors or omissions must have been publicly available for six
months. (Inspection periods are included in the time limit.) The
judge may shorten the inspection period for an independently checked
numeric counterexample, or for a proof that is mechanically checked
by a program of good reputation. The judge may either personally
evaluate the proof, or rely on an expert or experts of his choice, or
rely on the consensus opinion of the mathematics community.
due date: 2030/12/31

(signed) FX


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