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Re: fx-devel: claim_info IPv6

Author: Ken Kittlitz
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Date: Fri Sep 20, 1996 01:33 pm
Jay Scott
Ken Kittlitz
Jay Scott

At 02:39 PM 9/20/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Is there any way to get the telnet face to give claim info on IPv6
>without also getting info on IPv6% ? Here's what happens:

claim_info IPv6$,... works. (the trailing '$' means that no characters
after the '6' will be matched).

>Life is remarkably hard for simpleminded programs. :-( My programs
>are making a separate telnet connection for each command, because
>it's easier to recognize end-of-output that way than by searching
>for a prompt string that doesn't even include a carriage return.
>The telnet face seems to have been designed much more for human
>user convenience than for programmatic simplicity.

Good supposition ;-> Port 7001 gives raw FXTP output, and should be used in
preference to the telnet face. This is another feature that's
poorly-documented, and which I'll rectify. In brief, port 7001's output is
always unformatted, unlike, say, the output of 'account' on the telnet face.
Each command's output is terminated by a '.' on a line by itself. Currently,
lines are terminated only by newline characters rather than newline+CR. Hope
this helps.


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