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fx-devel: Releasing UI source code

Author: Ken Kittlitz
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Date: Fri Dec 31, 1999 02:34 pm

Ken Kittlitz

I'd like to release some or all of the source code for the old FX user
interface, so that it can be used as a basis for alternate interfaces. This
would allow people to write things such as a lightweight interface for
Internet appliances or a completely browser-independent one for use with
lynx etc.

There are a number of issues I'm grappling with and would appreciate
feedback on:

1) Choice of License: I could release the software as public domain, or
under the Gnu Public License, or...? What are the pros and cons of the
various licenses?

2) Should there be an "official" version? Some open-source projects such as
Postgre-SQL have a core of developers who (I believe) oversee code changes
and contributions, though they invite participation from anyone who's
willing (see We could follow a
similar strategy; for example, I could set up a CVS repository on for the source. Would that be a good idea?

3) Commonality between old and new UIs. The old and new UI could
potentially share much code, because the CGI forms etc. are almost
identical. The major difference is the HTML "wrapper" around the content
pane in the new UI. So, if we decide that an official version of the source
should be maintained on, we have the option of using it as a
basis for more than one flavour of UI. This could save coding effort, but
might not be worth the trouble if we think the UIs are likely to diverge
over time.

Thanks in advance for your comments and ideas.
Ken Kittlitz Administrator, Foresight Exchange


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