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Author: The Silent Observer
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In-Reply-To: Carlos Munoz's post
Date: Fri Aug 23, 1996 01:21 pm
Carlos Munoz
The Silent Observer

Carlos Munoz wrote:
> Well, there's strong evidence the TWA crash was caused by an explosive.
> The only thing left to find out is if it was a bomb or a missile, officials
> are undecided as to which it is. Structure shock analysis will determine
> which one it was, unless they find more evidence that helps them out. It
> won't be long now.
> Once again, how I will judge:
> bomb => TWAC = true
> missile or
> other => TWAC = false
> - Carlos Munoz, UID 1

I might just point out that yesterday's papers carried a wire story
indicating the explosion investigation is now considering a fuel
explosion from a tank leak -- they said the sound recorded on the cockpit
voice recorder was incosistent with the one over Lockerbie, less of
the sharp shock of high explosives and more of the soft character one
might expect from fuel igniting in a closed space -- like the forward
cargo hold, just ahead of the main internal tank and just inboard of the
wing tanks.

I've already got my NOs...

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