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Re: fx-devel: personalize player listings?

Author: Karl Hallowell
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In-Reply-To: Tom Breton (Tehom)'s post
Date: Thu May 31, 2007 04:51 pm
Tom Breton (Tehom)
Karl Hallowell

>From: "Tom Breton (Tehom)" <>
> > I suppose this is open to spam and other abuses. but I think it would be
> > good idea to include more opportunity for players to provide
> > For example, a user profile or a link to a webpage. Heh, and I wonder
> > still reads fx-devel. :-)
>I still do, apparently.
>I really don't see why this would fit with FX. It's not a social
>networking site. However, letting players personalize with a text blurb
>and URL seems reasonable to me.
>The big thing I'd worry about is filtering. You don't want the blurb to
>contain arbitrary HTML; perhaps it would suffice to HTML-quote the whole
>blurb with off-the-shelf code.

OTOH, FX doesn't exclude being a social networking site either. After all, I
got a job through here once so it does work at that. Just seemed like a nice
bit of added value at low cost. Keep in mind there are a number of
FX-oriented webpages out there, but no way to connect to them from the FX
site itself.

Karl Hallowell
FX Trader, UID #73

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