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Author: Ken Kittlitz
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Date: Tue Jul 23, 1996 10:25 am

Ken Kittlitz

A number of people have asked how to activate their FX accounts. Sorry for
the confusion, I guess the mail message we sent around wasn't very clear.

Here's the scoop:

Pre-Created Accounts
If you were the owner or a judge of a claim that existed on the ARC system,
an FX account has been set up for you. Both the uid and password are
*different* from those used in the ARC system. (UIDs are numeric now, not
email addresses). To find out what your uid and password are, you can use
the 'resend_id' command from the Profile page on the webface
( Alternately, you can send the command:

resend_id <your_email_address>

via telnet to port 7002 at or via email to
Your uid and password will be mailed to you.

New Accounts
If you weren't the owner or judge of a claim, but want to play on the new
system, you need to register your account, then activate it.

You can register by visiting the page at, or
by sending the command:
register email,nym,privacy

to the telnet face (port 7002 at or the email face
The first argument is your email address; the second argument is your
nickname; the third argument is a privacy flag: if set to '1', your email
address won't show up on Account listings etc., though your nym will.

If the registration is successful, a password will be emailed to you, and
you can proceed to the activation step (we separate the steps so that we
have a better chance of filtering out bogus email addresses).

Once you've registered, you can activate your account by visiting,
or by sending the command:

activate email,password

to the email or telnet interfaces. The password is what was returned to you
by the register command.

Successful activation will return your uid. You can then use your uid and
password to set up your Profile page, place orders on claims, etc.



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