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Date: Tue Feb 08, 2022 02:17 am

The following claim has been proposed. If you have constructive suggestions for
improving it, please follow-up to this message. Thank you.

claim: PSce30
owner: 7886 (crandles)
judge: TBD
short: Maximum number over Karman2030
This is a scaled claim that pays 1 for each person that is part of
the maximum number of living people simultaneously above the Karman
Line at any point in time during 2030.

The Karman line is 100km above Earth's mean sea level. People can be
in orbit, on extra-terrestrial bodies, otherwise above the Karman
Line (eg escape velocity or otherwise accelerating in a way that
means they are not in orbit) or even just on a suborbital flight that
goes above the Karman Line. Each person has to be alive and above the
Karman Line at the same time in order to count. If more than 100
people count as being alive and above the Karman Line simultaneously
during 2030 then the claim is capped at 100.

At the time of creating the claim the record (excluding the 2030
requirement) appears to be 14.
s-to-historic-maximum-of-14-people (An answer of 16 can also be found
but this includes 4 people on Virgin Galactic suborbital flight that
went over 50 miles but did not reach 100km altitude.)

If the Karman line is redefined to be some other altitude, this claim
should, if possible, stick to the 100km definition.
due date: 2031/01/15

(signed) FX


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