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Author: Dave Steele
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Followed-Up-By: Neal Gafter's post
Date: Mon Jul 22, 1996 01:48 pm
Chris Hibbert
Dave Steele
Neal Gafter

>Neal Gafter wrote:
>>> I'm planning to submit the British Mondex system, not the US version
>>> of it. The US and British versions differ on these details.
>Neal, my info comes from a talk Tim Jones, the head of Mondex, gave at
>Sun. He seemed to be talking about the design of Mondex, not a
>differing US implementation. Can you tell me where to look for
>information on the difference between the two?

Neal sounds confident that Cash will soon be worth 100 due to undisclosed
information. Yet he is currently offering to sell 400 shares in the
40-range. He is offering to buy only 100 in the 20-range. Sounds like net
bearish behavior.

I reduced the size of my negative holdings in Cash by selling (really
buying) shares to him in two transactions. If he holds a positive balance,
those transactions should have reduced the number of shares outstanding.
They didn't. So, unless I am missing something, he is short on Cash (no pun

I'm looking forward to the post-mortem on this one.

Dave Steele
Xetron Corp.
460 W. Crescentville Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246


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