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Author: Shawn M. Winnie
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Date: Tue May 20, 1997 07:16 am
Neal Gafter
Shawn M. Winnie

Neal Gafter wrote:
> One more question...
> When the time comes, on what basis will you judge the claim?
> Assuming, for example, that there are no further messages on
> fx-discuss. What criteria would allow you to make a FALSE
> judgement, for example?

(I'm focusing on the question as it relates to a NO judgement here.)
That's a good question. Frankly, I'm not sure. Since much of
the information is hidden, it would feel like an effort to prove a
negative. I really don't know what sorts of information and
filing requirements will be extant in the late 200x decade, but if
current trends are any guide, the claim should be easier to judge
in 2011 than a 1987-1996 claim would be today. (Morningstar,
Russell, etc. are all on-line today with basic info, for instance.)

I'm not relying on this, but I would also suspect that if FX is
still running in 2011, there will be a larger population of players
in the claim. Hopefully, that group will also be a resource. (It
certainly is the case now, as holders come forward with arguments
that XXXX or YYYY should/should not be judged.)

The actual quality of the necessary information should be pretty
high. Most of these funds, and their numbers, are audited by
people with money or reputation riding on a fair appraisal.
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