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fx-discuss: Re: if-discuss: Digital Cash?

Author: Neal Gafter
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In-Reply-To: Dave Steele's post
Date: Mon Jul 22, 1996 10:54 pm
Dave Steele
Neal Gafter

From: (Dave Steele)
> Neal sounds confident that Cash will soon be worth 100 due to undisclosed
> information. Yet he is currently offering to sell 400 shares in the
> 40-range. He is offering to buy only 100 in the 20-range. Sounds like net
> bearish behavior.

Disclosing everything I know about this claim would not profit me. I
will reveal all I know when this claim is to be judged. If you
believe my position is unreasonable, go ahead and take your profit by
buying or selling aginst my standing orders.

> I reduced the size of my negative holdings in Cash by selling (really
> buying) shares to him in two transactions. If he holds a positive balance,
> those transactions should have reduced the number of shares outstanding.
> They didn't. So, unless I am missing something, he is short on Cash (no pun
> intended).

You are correct. I have had a negative balance in "Cash" for some
time, and I want to change that situation before my shares are
worthless. I am also playing the margins on the claim. As I said, if
my position is unreasonable, you are welcome to make transactions that
you believe will profit you.



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