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Author: Tom
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Followed-Up-By: Ken Kittlitz's post
Date: Wed Oct 05, 2005 10:01 am

Ken Kittlitz

Hi everyone,

I just subscribed, and just installed if 0.5 on my server today. It is
linked with my online game. The URLs, if you care:

the game -
ideafutures -

I know FX and have an account there, mostly for some long-term claims.

I see that the new interface is much nicer, but less complete. I also
now see that the backend is fairly simple. I was wondering if there's
any interest and help if I re-implement it in PHP, which I know a lot
better than perl.

PGP/GPG key:
pub 1024D/2D7A04F5 2002-05-16 Tom Vogt <>
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