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Author: David Schneider-Joseph
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Date: Thu May 25, 2017 01:46 am

David Schneider-Joseph
Joe StroutJim Gillogly

AlphaGo has now won the first and second game in the best-of-three match against Ke Jie.

On Apr 19, 2017, at 9:13 AM, Joe Strout <> wrote:
> Ken Kittlitz wrote:
>> I can set you as the judge of the claim. Please let me know your user
>> ID. Thanks.
> I am jstrout (10276).
> Tom Adams wrote:
> > Even if the match goes against Ke Jie, you probably ought to post
> > your intention to judge the claim Yes to allow some discussion. I
> > think it's generally prudent for a judge to do that.
> I don't have such an intention yet, but yes, if the match against Ke Jie is a clear win for AlphaGo, then I would expect to judge the claim Yes, unless somebody can explain why I shouldn't.
> If the match is not a clear win for AlphaGo, then I'll either use other evidence, or reserve judgement until a clearer result becomes available.
> > Seems that Alpha Go does not have an official rating and is not
> > competing in the big tournaments, so you have to infer it's rank
> > without the typical evidence for a human. But, of course, the claim
> > did not require that specific evidence.
> Right.
> Best,
> - Joe


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