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Date: Sun May 01, 2022 10:30 pm

The following claim has been proposed. If you have constructive suggestions for
improving it, please follow-up to this message. Thank you.

claim: NUKE23
owner: 7886 (crandles)
judge: TBD
short: Nuclear attack by 2023
At least one nuclear weapon will be detonated in an attack before the
end of 2023.

The use of the word attack is meant to exclude weapon testing and any
peaceful use like in mining or vehicle propulsion. The word attack
should be considered to include anything with hostile intent.
Therefore the weapon does not have to kill anyone just be intended to
be hostile so something like a detonation in space where it is
believed that the main purpose was intent to disrupt communications
should suffice for a true judgement.

Who launches the attack is irrelevant to the claim.
due date: 2024/01/31

(signed) FX


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