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fx-discuss: Re: if-discuss: partial fulfillment enclosed for claim "Cash"

Author: Christopher M. Conway
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Followed-Up-By: Neal Gafter's post
Date: Mon Jul 22, 1996 12:37 pm
Neal Gafter
Christopher M. Conway
Neal Gafter

I don't consider multiple branches of a single company to be separate
vendors. So, you've got one vendor; you need another 99.

Sorry, I *still* don't see this stuff happening.

Frankly, a better example would be phone cards. You might be able
to make a case with them.

However, these aren't *really* ecash. They're electronic gift
certificates. I can't use a phone card to buy socks at WalMart,
nor a Kinko's card to buy a soda at 7-11.

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