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Re: fx-discuss: FX Claim GDNA - Germ-line DNA altered B4 2020

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Date: Sun Mar 03, 2019 03:54 pm
Neal Gafter
chrisran.bma e-mail
chrisran.bma e-mail


I previously sent this

"Furthermore, He did not adhere to certain widespread ethical and scientific guidelines. He edited the germline of the twins β€” meaning that the changes in their genome will be passed onto future generations."

In addition:

Nature (one of the most prestigious journals), reported

"Inevitable advance?

News of the experiment comes as researchers in the field gather in Hong Kong for a major international meeting on genome editing, running from 27 to 29 November. A key goal of the summit is to reach an international consensus on how genome editing to modify eggs, sperm or embryos β€” known as germline editing β€” should proceed. Even before the news of He’s work emerged, many in the field believed it was inevitable that someone would use genome-editing tools to make changes to human embryos for implantation into women, and had been pushing for the creation of ethical guidelines."

While this is not specific that what He Jiankui did was germline editing, this does appear to me to create general perception that if He Jiankui has done as claimed then it may well be germline editing leading to a chance of the editted gene being passed on (unless the twin girls are secluded).

I have so far seen nothing that appears to me to indicate that if it was done then it wasn't germline editing.

Afraid that is all I have at present, but it seems to me to warrant at least further investigation and/or delay to judgement rather than dismissal.



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> On 03 March 2019 at 16:17 Neal Gafter <> wrote:
> Is there any evidence that the edited genome extends to the germ line?
> On Sun, Mar 3, 2019 at 5:59 AM chrisran.bma e-mail < > wrote:


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