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Re: fx-discuss: Re: fx glitches

Author: David McFadzean
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Date: Fri Jul 26, 1996 08:06 pm
Dave Dyer
David McFadzean
Dave Dyer

At 06:49 PM 26/07/96 -0700, Dave Dyer wrote:
>I think the bugs list ought to be separate from the devel list.
>If interesting topics come up on the bugs list, they can be forwarded to the
>devel list. One can hope that most of the bug reports wouldn't be interesting
>to those not in a position to actually fix them.

Do you want to be able to subscribe to a bugs list or do you just
want an e-mail address you can send bug reports to? I've created
a new alias,, which is forwarded to the FX
development team.
David McFadzean
Memetic Engineer
Merak Projects


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