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Re: fx-discuss: FX Claim GDNA - Germ-line DNA altered B4 2020

Author: Neal Gafter
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Date: Mon Nov 26, 2018 09:44 pm
chrisran.bma e-mail
Neal Gafter

There is currently a lack of evidence that the changes extend to the germ
line of the individuals, so I (as judge) am not even going to evaluate the
other factors.

On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 7:58 AM chrisran.bma e-mail <>

> Twins born possibly with editted genome. There seem doubts about whether
> this really did edit genome.
> "Prof He Jiankui says the twin girls, born a few weeks ago, had their DNA
> altered as embryos to prevent them from contracting HIV."
> Also there seems doubts about whether it should have been allowed. Does
> the judge have any comments on such a situation where it has happened but
> country has not specifically permitted it / has banned it / is scientific
> misconduct, but despite lack of permission / ban / misconduct, it has
> happened? I.e. is the claim about it being permitted or about it actually
> happening?
> If it is about it happening not about it being permitted, then this case
> may need to be followed in order to give correct judgement and seems worth
> bringing to the judge's attention.
> Best Regards
> Chris
> (crandles 7886)
> Disclosure: I hold 302 yes


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