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Author: Robert Finn
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Date: Sun Jul 28, 1996 03:58 pm

Robert Finn
Ken Kittlitz

I think a couple of adjustments should be made to the claim forms, the ones
in which bid are placed.

First, I think there needs to be an explanation of the "increment" and
"decrement" buttons. I figured these out by trial and error, but I
shouldn't have had to.

And I agree with someone else who wrote that it's confusing to have the ask
prices be represented as the sale price in one place and the "buy no" price
in another. If you have to choose one, I vote for displaying them only as
sale price. I believe that bid and ask prices are the most confusing things
to beginners to IF and FX. When I started playing over a year ago, the one
thing that helped me remember what to do was when someone recommended always
keeping the phrase 'buy low, sell high" in mind. Once I realized that when
you're buying Yes coupons you should endeavor to first buy low and then sell
high, and when you're buying No coupons you should endeavor to first sell
high and then buy low, I finally figured out how to play.

Bob Finn


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