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Re: fx-devel: FW: FX (Foresight Exchange) Transaction Confirmation

Author: Donald Qualls
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In-Reply-To: Karl Hallowell's post
Followed-Up-By: Ken Kittlitz's post
Date: Wed Feb 01, 2006 01:20 pm
Karl Hallowell
Donald Qualls
Ken Kittlitz

Karl Hallowell wrote:
> These transaction messages look pretty strange to me. Perhaps there is
> even a consistent bug here. This isn't the first one like this. You
> probably should make the message look more like a transaction with some
> English tossed in. I'll have to think about it, but these messages are
> pretty obscure right now. IMHO, they should be more readable.
>> The following transaction(s) were made on your account
>> < at 2006/02/01
>> 14:18:22 GMT:
>> WarmSU B1@43
>> Affected Holding Change Balance
>> <cash> -0.43 359.74
>> WarmSU +1.00 45.00

Explain what seems odd? You bought one share of WarmSU at 43, and your
cash on hand was charged .43 credibills. Change and balance are both
completely clear, though <cash> is denominated in credibills (FX$)
instead of coupons...

After you use everything you know and can find out to make what you're
certain is the right decision, and it's too late to change things or
back out -- you'll find out something that would have reversed the whole
thing for you, if you'd only known in time.

Donald Qualls, aka The Silent Observer

Opinions expressed are my own -- take them for what they're worth
and don't expect them to be perfect.


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