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Re: fx-discuss: FX claim form

Author: Ken Kittlitz
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Date: Mon Jul 29, 1996 03:28 pm
Robert Finn
Ken Kittlitz

At 03:00 PM 7/28/96 -0700, you wrote:

>First, I think there needs to be an explanation of the "increment" and
>"decrement" buttons. I figured these out by trial and error, but I
>shouldn't have had to.

Good point. It's documented somewhere, I believe, but not on the page with
the buttons.

>And I agree with someone else who wrote that it's confusing to have the ask
>prices be represented as the sale price in one place and the "buy no" price
>in another. If you have to choose one, I vote for displaying them only as
>sale price. I believe that bid and ask prices are the most confusing things
>to beginners to IF and FX. When I started playing over a year ago, the one
>thing that helped me remember what to do was when someone recommended always
>keeping the phrase 'buy low, sell high" in mind. Once I realized that when
>you're buying Yes coupons you should endeavor to first buy low and then sell
>high, and when you're buying No coupons you should endeavor to first sell
>high and then buy low, I finally figured out how to play.

There's no doubt that the whole Yes/No coupon thing is really confusing.
The developers are currently discussing whether the concept of No coupons
shoudl be eliminated as much as possible -- i.e., allow only Buy and Sell of
Yes coupons, as you and others have suggested.


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