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Author: Bill DeRouchey
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In-Reply-To: Ken Kittlitz's post
Date: Mon Jul 22, 1996 04:58 pm
Ken Kittlitz
Bill DeRouchey
Dave Dyer

Ken Kittlitz wrote:
> At 12:55 PM 7/22/96 -0700, you wrote:
> >What is the situation between Idea Futures and Foresight Exchange? I
> >think I missed some crucial info. Are we supposed to be accessing the
> >IF/FX info/claims/bids via or I went to
> >the FX site but there was no info on converting from existing IF
> >accounts, if this is necessary.
> The Idea Futures system at ARC is longer being maintained and will be shut
> down in a month or so -- assuming it doesn't crash before then ;->. With
> ARC's blessing, Ideosphere Inc.'s FX system has taken over. The transition
> wasn't as smooth as we would have liked because the fellow maintaining ARC's
> system was getting ready to move to Vancouver at the time. Sorry for the
> confusion.
> We've brought over most of the active claims as of early July, although some
> old non-favourites such as "Time" were given merciful deaths. We created
> user accounts for those who were owners or judges of the imported claims,
> although we did not bring across either the holdings or the scores (because
> the scoring algorithm has changed). Everyone who signs up now will get a
> cash balance of 1000 credits and no weekly allowance, though eventually
> we'll probably move back to the $50/week allowance (starting from $0) used
> by the old system.
> Hope this clarifies things. Questions and bug reports can be sent to
> Thanks.
> -Ken

Hold on a second. Does this mean that everything starts from scratch?
Did I miss an entire discussion about this? A new scoring algorithm I
might let slide, but the holdings ought to be brought over, otherwise
the entire system becomes pointless and arbitrary.

Starting from scratch would seem to benefit relative newcomers like
myself and completely disown those who have been participating for a
long time. I'm surprised there hasn't been an uproar yet.

Wouldn't a mass mailing to all participants explaining the transition be
appropriate? Not everybody subscribes to this list.

Bill DeRouchey, Fluxion Media


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