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Re: fx-propose: Proposal: 'R2020'

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Date: Tue Feb 18, 2020 04:00 pm
scryer@gmail.comSam Fentress

On 18 Feb 2020, at 10:56, FX <> wrote:
> The following claim has been proposed. If you have constructive suggestions for
> improving it, please follow-up to this message. Thank you.
> claim: R2020
> owner: 5607 (biff)
> judge: TBD
> short: Trump wins 2020 election
> long:
> Trump wins the presidential election in 2020
> due date:
> (signed) FX

Define “win”.

If he refuses to leave office and seizes control of the government and declares that he won the biggest landslide victory in all human history, did he “win”?


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