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Re: fx-devel: PHP Class for Talking to FX Server

Author: Ken Kittlitz
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Date: Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:58 am
Ken Kittlitz

At 09:20 AM 10/11/2005 +0200, Tom wrote:

>I got it running now, was connecting to the wrong server (db, not
>conn). It doesn't fetch the config data from the perl scripts (of
>course, that should've been obvious) and uses it's own defaults, which
>are different from the one shipped in the latest ideafutures revision.

Oops, sorry about the different defaults... my bad.

What do you think makes sense to do about the config file ( --
should we write a PHP wrapper class that parses the Perl file and exports
the relevant variables?

>Appears to be working for all the basic tests I've done so far, I'll
>code up a few simple scripts to test it further.

Awesome -- thanks for the update!
Ken Kittlitz


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