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Author: Tom Breton
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Date: Sat Aug 24, 1996 01:38 am

Tom Breton

Hello. As a new FX-er, I found the Accounts WWW page confusing.

You are directed "Profile: select from one of the three types below, or
Reset." But there are so many sub-options (especially checkboxes) that
it wasn't at all obvious which ones submitted forms, or even what it was
they were submitting. In my text browser, even visually finding the 3
main options (Keyword-defined, User-defined, System-defined) was
unobvious. I followed a lot of dead ends before I tried the right thing.
Also, the word "Profile" is misleading.

It also makes navigation harder than it needs to be, because the user
has to skip past all those checkboxes.

I believe it would be much clearer if the Accounts page held only the
three options (And other top-level options), each of which led to a
sub-page with the checkboxes or radio-buttons and a single submit
button. This follows good principles of interface design.

It would probably also save you plenty of bandwidth, since right now
that long list of categories gets sent over and over.


[UID, password, Reset, etc as before]

Three ways to inspect and trade claims:

<A href=...> By category </a><BR>
<A href=...> By user-defined profile </a><BR>
<A href=...> System-defined </a><BR>


[Other options as before]



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