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fx-propose: Proposal: 'Art50'

Author: FX
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Date: Mon Jul 18, 2016 06:29 am


The following claim has been proposed. If you have constructive suggestions for
improving it, please follow-up to this message. Thank you.

claim: Art50
owner: 7188 (ux)
judge: TBD
short: UK invokes EU Article 50: date
This is a scaled claim that pays out based on the date that the
United Kingdom notifies the European Council of its intention to
withdraw from the European Union, under Act 50 of the Treaty on
European Union.

This claim will pay 100 if Act 50 the notification occurs by the end
of August 2016, 95 if it occurs by the end of September 2016, and so
on, decreasing 5 for each calendar month. If the notification does
not occur by the end of March 2018, this claim will pay 0.

If the United Kingdom for any reason does not notify the EC under Act
50 during this time, including for example leaving the EU by any
other process, the claim will pay 0.
due date: 2018/04/01

(signed) FX


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