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Author: Tom
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In-Reply-To: Ken Kittlitz's post
Date: Tue Oct 11, 2005 12:22 pm
Ken Kittlitz

Message from Ken Kittlitz, received on 11. Oct 2005 at 19:04:
> >Should I put this stuff into a seperate class or just use standalone
> >functions?
> I'd be tempted to do whatever's the least work for now ;-). We can always
> decide to factor later if that makes sense.

Ok, then I'll just do standalone functions. I'm not much into OO.

Here's the function, btw. in case anyone cares. It's pretty crude. I'm
thinking about creating a more general version but I don't yet know
enough about the fxtp commands to write a general parser function for

function get_claimlist() {
global $con, $status;


if (!$con->send("claim_info .*,status,pairs,short,price")) {
$status = $con->status();
return false;
} else {
$raw = $con->response();
$row=0; $col=0;
foreach ($raw as $data) {
switch ($col) {
case 0: $line=array();
case 1: $line['status']=$data; break;
case 2: $line['pairs']=$data; break;
case 3: $line['short']=$data; break;
case 4: $prices = explode("\t",$data);
$row++; $col=-1; /* start next line */

return $claimlist;

The result is then very easy to use in PHP, like this:

$claimlist = get_claimlist();
foreach ($claimlist as $claim) {
// something... data is now in $claim['short'], $claim['ask'], etc.

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