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Date: Fri Feb 21, 2020 11:52 pm
chrisran.bma e-mail

On 21 Feb 2020, at 16:32, chrisran.bma e-mail <> wrote:
> "Donald J Trump (POTUS 2016-2020) will be President on Feb 1, 2021 having been awarded a majority of the US electoral college or elected by the House of Representatives in the event of no candidate getting a majority of the electoral college."

Still, in this lawless age where the Constitution is ignored on a. Daily basis, doesn’t begin to cover the possibilities.

What ifs there is no tie, but the instruments of government refuse to acknowledge the vote? What if he lose the EC and is still awaited the Office? What if Trump simply refuses to leave office and has the backing of all the people he’s appointed who have pledged loyalty to him and not the US?

All of this would have seemed absurd 4 years ago, but now seem entirely likely.

Simple statements.

The US President as of Feb 1, 2020 will still be in control of the Presidency on Feb 1, 2021.

Details will have to be left to the judge.


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