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Author: Karl Hallowell
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Date: Tue May 01, 2001 08:35 pm
Steele, David S.
Karl Hallowell

>From: Andrew Sopchak <>
>I have one specific recommendation and then a general one for
>First, and I am sure you have heard this one before, but it does not
>seem that difficult to implement, is to add volume to the price charts.

The old Idea Futures had several secondary value-added sites (a news letter
site and a event notification site). In the former, the guy had improved on
the Idea Futures graphs by adding graphs for volume, number of traders, and
pairs created. Real nice job too. Wish I could remember his name...

>Second, for a general overhaul, how about talking to someone who makes
>a nice layout for the real stock market and have them do a version
>which would accept a feed from the "fx market"? The one I specifically
>have in mind would be the Medved QuoteTracker. Just a thought.

This is a great idea. I recommend looking at the telnet interface. You can
scrape the FX webpages easily enough, but the telnet interface is closer to
the source. The command is:

telnet 7001

A more human friendly version is at port 7002 instead of port 7001. Type
"help" to list the commands supported and their syntax. Not much else in the
way of help. Some of it is a bit flaky (e.g., never type "user_info
,holdings" without first specifying a user UID via the "login" command).

Karl Hallowell
FX Trader, UID #73

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