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if-discuss: HELP!!! Technical Problems.

Author: Chris Bussler
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Date: Sun Jul 21, 1996 03:35 pm

Chris Bussler
James JonesKen Kittlitz


I hope it is o.k. to post this here; I first tried to mail IF
directly and didn't get a reply.

I have problems with the Transaction Form. I am using Netscape 1.2
16bit under Windows 3.1. When loading the form, there are are spaces
to enter my bid only down to about the claims in the "Mxxx"-rage.
That means I cannot trade any claims beginning with N-Z, which is
even worse as I sometimes made transaction from another computer...
and it worked! Now I have claims I cannot sale, and already lost some
$ because of that.

Can anybody help me??? PLEASE!

Thank you in advance an best wishes,


P.S.: Using Netscape 2.0, it works in general. But my compuer is too
slow for 2.0, so it takes literally half an hour to load the form;
and I know it *must* work with 1.2!

Chris Bussler, Munich/Germany
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